About Us

Seopportunities a platform design to ensure that youth people especially secondary school leaver/graduate are engage into internship, jobs opportunity, skills Aquiration, and seminar.

  • To ensure that all the youth are engage dfferent opportunities changes, in order to increase their potential assets and standard of living and thereby reducing the rate of  poverty.

What is poverty: a state ofbeing extremely poor





                                                                    OUR MISSION

  • To  collaborate with Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O) to provide engagement opportunity to secondary school leavers
  • Also collaborate with school management to engage graduate

                                                                    OUR GOAL

  • To enable that secondary school leaver/graduate are engaged. Thereby reducing the rate of illegal activities such as social vices like cultism, arm robbery, prostitution, kidnapping etc.
  • To ensure they all got the right skills and working experience before the tertiary institution
  • To expose them to work place ethnic.
  • To ensure that all the gradate have acquire skills

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